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Posting Stuff Real Soon!

2007-07-17 19:13:53 by Mr-Skipperdoo

Hey, not like anybody is gonna reed this, but, very soon I will be posting a brand new animation :D
I am a member of newgrounds since like forever (...not!), and I planned on releasing my first animation last year, but I started to work on it, the characterers, the bakgrounds, storyline and all, but you know, my life got a bit messy, girl problems and stuff, but now that I have a bit more of free time (finished my web designing classes, my english course and stuff), I plan on making stuff really fast!
Ok, so It's like this fantastic world, filled with magical creatures, wizards, knights and all stuff that I truly adore! The lead of the story would be this wizzard that's called Flint (it's me, yayzors :DDD) that needs to master the five elements to impress his magic school sweetheart that will go and meet him the next year. To do so he travels every-fucking-where and gather lots of friends, but also gets himself in a lot of trouble.
So... That's my plan, if anyone, I mean ANYONE reed this, pleaaase comment xD

Posting Stuff Real Soon!


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